Sunday 30th September Selections


1.30 The Baronet 7/4 NAP 5 point win Won +8.75pts

2.00 Sandsend 4/1 3 point win withdrawn

2.30 Funding Deficit 11/4 3 point win 4th -3pts

3.00 Hoppy’s Flyer 11/2 NB 3 point win 9th -3pts

3.35 Honeymead 11/2 2 point EW IWAC 8th -4pts

4.10 Sangar 4/1 2 point win 11th -2pts

4.45 Ukrainian 15/2 1 point EW Won +9.38pts

5.15 Ingenti 6/1 2 point win 5th -2pts


Meeting total: +4.13pts

Curragh (IRE)

2.10 Salhooda 11/4 3 point win Won +8.25pts

2.40 Viztoria 11/4 3 point win Won +8.25pts

3.10 Topadee 14/1 1 point EW 10th -2pts

3.40 Magical Dream 7/2 NB 3 point win Won +10.5pts

4.15 Muaanid 9/2 2 point win 4th -2pts

4.50 To The Sky 10/1 1 point EW Won +12.5pts

5.20 Fromajacktoaking 13/8 NAP 5 point win Won +8.13pts

5.50 Diplomat 9/2 3 point win 3rd -3pts


Meeting total: +40.63pts


2.15 Hipster 8/1 1 point EW Won +10pts

2.45 Gabrial’s Kaka 9/4 3 point win Won +6.75pts

3.20 Takeitfromalady 4/1 3 point win 9th -3pts

3.55 John Biscuit 7/2 NAP 4 point win NB 3rd -4pts

4.30 Sula Two 10/1 1 point EW 12th -2pts

5.00 Elysian 4/1 NB 3 point win 2nd -3pts

5.30 Shifting Star 22/1 1 point EW 2nd +4.5pts


Meeting total: +9.25pts

Clonmel (IRE)

1.55 Everything Zain EVS NB 3 point win 2nd -3pts

2.25 Cullentry Royal 12/1 2 point win 2nd -2pts

2.55 Sizing Machine 5/1 3 point win 4th -3pts

3.25 Wontbelongnow 7/1 2 point win 3rd -2pts

4.00 Dream Champion 15/2 1 point EW 7th -2pts

4.35 Catcherinscratcher 2/1 NAP 6 point win NAP 4th -6pts

5.05 Moncherie 10/1 1 point EW 7th -2pts

5.35 Seefood 11/4 3 point win Won +8.25pts


Meeting total: -11.75pts

Daily total: +42.26pts

Yearly total: +1,937.75pts

We participate in @Bet_Share Twitter NAPs. It’s a tally that consists of several online tipsters who are ranked depending on the success of three categories that are listed below. To view this league on online tipsters simply follow the link

NAP – best bet of the day

NB – next best bet of the day

IWAC in with a chance

Get Your Tips Out


About getyourtipsout

We were created just 5 months ago on a Wednesday afternoon on 4th May 2011 but our idea and reasoning behind GYTO goes back a lot further! We have always had a keen passion for sport, specifically football and horse racing. Originally GYTO was created to spread news of profitable bets through retweeting or mentioning individuals. Almost a funnel echoing key ongoings in the sporting, social and gambling world. However, it progressed rapidly and after developing a few significant sources in the sporting world we began to tweet their selections that they occasionally offered combined with our extensive knowledge resulted in a superb strike rate gaining us huge recognition especially across twitter. We now offer horse racing selections every day of the week that is updated daily. We are always involved in some way or another in any big sporting occasion and will always offer our views and opinions. Everything we do is FREE of charge and is to help our followers to create a profit from any stake they wish to risk on our selections. This blog is used to update our daily level stakes profit & loss so the results are clear for everyone to see.

2 responses to “Sunday 30th September Selections

  1. Great blog site – hopefully can help me find a few winners!


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